101 Juice Recipes App Reviews

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Excellent App!!!

Very happy with this purchase. Makes planning out the reboot very easy!

Great app!!!

Love it! I make juices all the times and this app is a huge help!

Great app!

The app is great!! It gives you the abundance of really delicious recipes! Easy to use, time saving (shopping lists). The only defect (And in my opinion a pretty big one) is battery consumption!! I have no idea what is wrong with this app but it uses so much battery that after 10-15 minutes I have to use the charger. I really hope it will be fixed soon cuz Im afraid of using it, doing shopping at the end of the day.


I use this almost daily. Great to have on phone for when grocery shopping. So easy to put in carrots, for example, in the browse option and see a variety of recipes and pick either what I have on hand or swipe to see substitution ideas. Some I make over and over like Joes Mean Green. The Mexi-Cali recipe is our favorite - has a kick. Im sure I wouldnt use my juicer as much if I didnt have it.

We love this app!

This app has given my family so many ideas on fruit and vegetable combinations for juicing! The app works so well. Definitely worth the cost. I bought the juice/smoothie combo to have even more options. Very happy with both!

Terrific app!

Absolutely love this app it has tons of great juice recipes in it so cool that you can find recipes based on what ingredients you have on hand! Highly recommend!


I love this app, it makes juicing so easy and its great for the grocery store. I havent had a recipe I didnt like.

Great app!!!

Full of great recipes!

Juicing made Easy

I like how this app is broken down into various categories so I can tailor certain juice mixes to my day-to-day activities. Also how the substitute item is given. R al easy to use app

Helpful, easy to use, and Delicious!

101 Juice has been easy to use as we have ventured into this lifestyle change to incorporate juicing into our diet. Both of us feel more energized and have begun to see a change to our overall weight and well-being.

Just One Tiny Thing

I LOVE Joe and I REALLY like this app. But... It will not turn with my iPad. The position is fixed and I would really like it to be able to move as I turn my tablet on its side.

Best Juice App!

I love this app. Started a juice cleanse 13 days ago and this app has been my juicing bible. Couldnt have made it this far without it!


Makes shopping very easy

Makes Juicing Easy

I love this app! The recipes are delicious. They help me get new ideas and keep variety in my juicing. I also chose to purchase the additional add ons including more green juices and anti-inflammatory juices.


The recipes seem good but i think the intro price is too high for the amount of recipes you receive. You must make more in app purchases to receive more. A bit misleading.

Wosrt app .. Drains battery in few minutes on iPhone 6

shopping list and checklist features are good .. Only thing I saw was battery issue .. This app drains battery drastically ..

Ok but

Videos dont work (iPhone 4S, Germany). Could you fix this please?

Great App with a few flaws worth fixing

I own the "101 Juice Recipes" App as well as the "101 Smoothie Recipes" App plus the physical spiral-bound "101 Juice Recipes" book with the same recipes as in the juice app. First I gotta state that the recipes themselves are perfect. Well balanced veggies and fruit for healthy juices which even taste good. And they only use produce which can be found easily. Other juice books Ive got have ingredients youll never find in normal stores. The design and user experience of the app is great too but there are some disadvantages compared to the book which would be worth fixing: 1) They put a lot of emphasis on different juice colors and tell you you should drink different colors each day but in the app you cant search for a specific color. You can only search by ingredients, condition, category or index. An extra color-search where you can see say just the yellow juices would be good. Weirdly enough under category you can look for "green juices" but not the other colors. 2) in the physical book every "Reeboting Juice" is indicated with an "R" on the recipe page. In the app though you can search for "Rebooting Juices" under category but once in the recipe itself there is no indication whether the juice is reboot friendly or not. An extra visible label within the recipe would be much appreciated. THE NEXT TWO ISSUES DEAL WITH THE SMOOTHIE APP TOO 3) what I find annoying is that there are two separate shopping lists for juices and smoothies if you got both apps. This way you have to switch and the same ingredients appear twice. An integration would be great 4) in both apps you get the same video tutorials on how to juice, buying a juicer and how to make Joes Mean Green Juice while this is great for the juice app it is not sensible for the smoothie app. Other videos for smoothie preparation and buying a proper blender would be cool. SOME MINOR FLAWS WHICH DIDNT TURN OUT AS SUCH BUT WOTH MENTIONING 5) I looked ages for the substitution table for different produce. Youll find it with a right-wipe next to the ingredients 6) Same thing goes for the list on how to juice different veggies and fruit. Thought first they had not included it in the app but its to be found under the little "i" in the upper right corner and then in the "how to" section. I found that counter intuitive. It would be cool if these issues could be considered in the next update!

I wanted to like this, I really did

This app means well but it is just not functional at all. I wish I could get a refund. If you just want juice recipes this does work , but at a high cost. I purchaed this for the shopping cart feature but that is horrible. If I add a juice that calls for one apple and another juice that calls for 2 apples, the list actually says one apple and then further down the list it ays 2 apples. It has no ability to simply add up the ingredients. I also find it not the most intuitive app for a phone. it tries to be too much for the screen size. i am not sure why a random juice generator needs that much screen space. Overall I am disappointed. If it were a $2 app,fine; but for this price you would think it made some sense. If you want the recipes that bad, get the book I would suggest.

Rip off

I was excited to get this app despite the price, I figured it would be worth it. The only thing that works on this app is the fact that you can read the recipes. The videos wont work, the shopping list is useless because it cant even group items together. If u add two recipes with the same ingredient to your list you have two separate entries for that item. I am so upset I spent the money I did on this. Dont waste yours like I did. At least not until they update the app and reduce the price drastically. $15.00 up in digital smoke :(

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