101 Juice Recipes App Reviews

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Wosrt app .. Drains battery in few minutes on iPhone 6

shopping list and checklist features are good .. Only thing I saw was battery issue .. This app drains battery drastically ..

Great app!

The app is great!! It gives you the abundance of really delicious recipes! Easy to use, time saving (shopping lists). The only defect (And in my opinion a pretty big one) is battery consumption!! I have no idea what is wrong with this app but it uses so much battery that after 10-15 minutes I have to use the charger. I really hope it will be fixed soon cuz Im afraid of using it, doing shopping at the end of the day.


The recipes seem good but i think the intro price is too high for the amount of recipes you receive. You must make more in app purchases to receive more. A bit misleading.

Makes Juicing Easy

I love this app! The recipes are delicious. They help me get new ideas and keep variety in my juicing. I also chose to purchase the additional add ons including more green juices and anti-inflammatory juices.


Makes shopping very easy

Best Juice App!

I love this app. Started a juice cleanse 13 days ago and this app has been my juicing bible. Couldnt have made it this far without it!

Great app!!!

Love it! I make juices all the times and this app is a huge help!

Excellent App!!!

Very happy with this purchase. Makes planning out the reboot very easy!

Just One Tiny Thing

I LOVE Joe and I REALLY like this app. But... It will not turn with my iPad. The position is fixed and I would really like it to be able to move as I turn my tablet on its side.

Helpful, easy to use, and Delicious!

101 Juice has been easy to use as we have ventured into this lifestyle change to incorporate juicing into our diet. Both of us feel more energized and have begun to see a change to our overall weight and well-being.

Juicing made Easy

I like how this app is broken down into various categories so I can tailor certain juice mixes to my day-to-day activities. Also how the substitute item is given. R al easy to use app

Great app!!!

Full of great recipes!


I love this app, it makes juicing so easy and its great for the grocery store. I havent had a recipe I didnt like.

Terrific app!

Absolutely love this app it has tons of great juice recipes in it so cool that you can find recipes based on what ingredients you have on hand! Highly recommend!

We love this app!

This app has given my family so many ideas on fruit and vegetable combinations for juicing! The app works so well. Definitely worth the cost. I bought the juice/smoothie combo to have even more options. Very happy with both!


I use this almost daily. Great to have on phone for when grocery shopping. So easy to put in carrots, for example, in the browse option and see a variety of recipes and pick either what I have on hand or swipe to see substitution ideas. Some I make over and over like Joes Mean Green. The Mexi-Cali recipe is our favorite - has a kick. Im sure I wouldnt use my juicer as much if I didnt have it.

App is ok

The app is ok, but each update is for additional in app purchases you can make. Know this is the way of the world now, but when purchasing this and the smoothie apps, when they first came out, it was not clear that what you saw was what you got. Would rather Google around than continue to sink more money into it.

Need more customization

This is an alright app but would be a lot better if it allowed for more sorting options and customization. Id like to see a way to browse recipes by color (with his drink a rainbow message) as well as be able to maybe customize a juice plan by selecting recipes and adding them to a plan vs just a shopping list. I dont want to have to use a completely separate app to plan my juices out, there isnt much reason to require a separate app for that. I understand that is where the reboot app comes into play but there is no easy way to customize a plan there either and no way to do a completely custom plan (just changing the juice where you click to say you consumed it.)

Drains battery and overheats phone

I like this app a lot except for the fact that it overheats my phone and drains the battery just as the another user said. Its alarming, after just 2 minutes of use the phone is hot to the touch and the battery will drop 30 percent or more! Please fix asap! This app costs $10 and this is unacceptable!

Drains battery on my IPhone 6

Please fix this. The app drains the battery on my iPhone 6 and causes the back side to be so hot that it makes me want delete the app completely. It is overheating the battery, badly. I like the app but this is not good. Fix It or I ll do a live YouTube video showing how warm the back gets and how fast it drains my phone

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